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Our Products


Submersible sewage pumps
Submersible dry pit sewage pumps
Above ground valve/control panel package for submersibles
Self priming sewage pumps
Vertical multi-stage pumps

Zoeller Pump

Engineered pumping systems
Submersible non-clog sewage pumps
Submersible sewage grinder pumps
2 thru 7.5 hp
Complete fiberglass package pump stations
Control panels
Wholesale Pumping Systems
Sewage ejectors
Effluent pumps
STEP systems


Water and wastewater control systems
SCADA systems


Flow meters
Pressure sensors


Variable frequecy drives
Soft starts
Motor control centers

Deming Pumps

Vertical turbine pumps
Mixed flow pumps


Submersible sewage pumps

Goulds Pumps

End suction centrifugal pumps
In-line centrifugal pumps
Sewage pumps
Aquavar variable speed pump controllers

CSI Controls

Controls Systems, Inc.
909 Quinn St
Jackson, Ms. 39202

Yaskawa Electric

Variable speed drives
Variable speed pump controllers

Hydro Instruments

Gas chlorination and dechlorination equipment

Clarus Enviromental

On-site wastewater treatment systems


Alternative SCADA solutions

Wireless peer-to-peer monitoring and controls and Alarm Dialers

MCI Flowtronex

Package water booster station systems
Vertical turbine pumps
Split case pumps
Vertical multistage pumps

Primex Controls

Standard pump control panels
Full-featured web-hosted icontrolĀ® SCADA solutions
Highly complex systems integration projects for municipal, industrial and commercial applications

Summit Pumps Inc

Close Coupled & Frame Mounted Pumps
Self-Primer pump
Process Pumps
Chemical Pump
Low Flow pump

Keller America

Pressure Transmitters
Submersible Level Transmitters
Sensor Transducers
Digital Pressure Gauges


Air Valves
Check Valves

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